“Pallvi is professional in every way, and has the qualities to place her amongst the best in her field. She is patient, warm and calm, with excellent interpersonal skills.
She keeps you focussed on discussions, and when you are blinded by your own situation, she calmly puts you at ease and has you thinking about solutions that you may not have already considered. I have found my time with Ms Shah to be the most valuable, certainly in terms of personal progression and career development. I would not hesitate to recommend Pallvi, and indeed I already have to my friends.”

– Debbie (Sales Manager)


“Having had several sessions with Pallvi I found her approaching to certain topics, for my business. She has given me plenty to think about, and Pallvi also makes you think of ideas yourself. So I am now off to expand my business. I recommend Pallvi to anybody looking for a professional and friendly Life Coach.”

– Bob (Tennis Coach)


“I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Pallvi – her insight is always thought-provoking and positive, and she is very specific with her suggestions and comments – you leave each session knowing exactly how you want to proceed.
It has been nice to chat with someone who becomes your biggest cheerleader while you discuss your interests and options for the future.”

– Lydia (Distribution Manager)


“I wasn’t sure what to expect from life coaching sessions, not knowing much about it previously, but a phone call with Pallvi soon cast away any doubts. Pallvi’s warm disposition and professionalism immediately put me at ease and in the few sessions that have since followed; I’ve been able to tackle personal challenges such as improving how to read people and situations. It has been refreshing to get another person’s perspective and Pallvi has a subtle way of drawing your attention to things that had previously never sprung to mind. I have already seen the positive effect from attending these sessions and will take a lot away that I will now always apply. I wouldn’t hesitate to consult Pallvi again in the future.”

– Melissa (Head of Programming)